Choose your needed study

Check all images/documents you want to print

use the browser option to print from iQ-4VIEW

Hint: Printing option for DICOM and JPEG images from iQ-4VIEW

As a web-based DICOM viewer, iQ-4VIEW integrates with the iQ-WEB PACS allowing for flexible image diagnosis and reporting from any location and device. But a user, who wants to print out any DICOM or JPEG images from this software, may feel a bit of a challenge doing so from the web. However, there is an option available for this purpose.

Printing through browser

  1. Choose your needed study in EasyWEB and browse to series level.
  2. Check all images/documents you want to print and click “Show”
  3. To print from iQ-4VIEW you can use the browser option, which will basically print a screenshot. Please note here: For the printouts to be adequate, the browser window should have more or less the size of the paper on which is going to be printed. With a different aspect ratio, e.g. 16:10, the images are not centered on the printout.