Three ways to refine breast cancer detection with iQ-MAMMO TOMO

Here is what radiologists can do to improve breast cancer detection and how iQ-MAMMO TOMO can be of help in the process.

  1. Reduce radiation exposure for the patient by omitting the conventional 2D mammography. Simply generate a synthetic 2D image out of the tomosynthesis dataset instead.
    ➔iQ-MAMMO TOMO supports virtually all synthetic mammography datasets.
  2. Speed up the image assessment process in case of fatty and other non-specific findings by adding a MIP of 2 mm to the tomosynthesis stack. Research has proven that a slab of 2 mm improves the visibility of microcalcification clusters without having a negative impact on mass visibility.
    ➔iQ-MAMMO TOMO provides a Tomo MIP slider for 2 mm slabs or more.
  3. Enhance the visibility and spot low-contrast microcalcifications more easily by inverting the breast tissue only.
    ➔Invert the image in iQ-MAMMO TOMO following the automatic skin detection and the surrounding air will be masked in black.