Store and share medical images via iQ-WEB UPLOADER

We proudly present to you the latest addition to our iQ product family - iQ-WEB UPLOADER. This web application allows healthcare professionals to transfer medical images or relevant photos and documents to any PACS using any internet-enabled device.

With iQ-WEB UPLOADER users can upload the data through an easy-to-use web page, which makes the data available to the radiology department in a fast and consistent way. Any non-DICOM data (like photos or documents) are automatically converted to a PACS-supported format.

One of the great advantages of iQ-WEB UPLOADER is that images and documents can be transferred using any device with access to the internet that otherwise would not be able to communicate via DICOM protocol. This way, medical data can be accessed in an easier and faster way which makes this tool ideal for remote consultation or to share images with other physicians.

Learn more about iQ-WEB UPLOADER in the respective flyer or try it out here: