Are you up for a new challenge: Web-based mammography reading

Challenge 1: Speed
iQ-FUSION is one of the fastest web viewers on the market. One reason for this speed is its focused approach of only loading image meta data when required.

Challenge 2: Comparison
iQ-FUSION can load and hang current and prior studies automatically. You will never miss an opportunity to easily compare the images. Due to the advanced Hanging Protocol options iQ-FUSION supports any workflow scenario, whether you read mammography, Ultrasound, MR, CT or even nuclear medicine studies. All of these are user specific, of course.

Challenge 3: Integration
iQ-FUSION supports mammography reading by easily storing mammography findings either as Key Objects or Secondary Capture images, giving you the flexibility to design your workflow by your own choice. Additionally, you can use the integrated reporting tool to write, store and send your written report. If you would like to exchange those studies via CD/DVD or USB, iQ-FUSION is also the right solution for you.