Which IMAGE products can display CBCT scans?

In recent years, the number of examinations using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) has increased sharply. As a result, CBCT has become the focus of dose management. Dose reference values for CBCT and DVT were issued in Germany for the first time on November 12, 2022, and became mandatory in the documentation of dose values.

CBCT data is special, extremely thin-sliced CT data generated by means of a conical beam path. Besides its high information content due to the number of thin layers, the data shows reduced motion blur due to the special shape of the beam path. As a result, good 3D images of the smallest structures are created - such as those found in the dental or veterinary field. At the same time, CBCTs come along with higher hardware requirements, as the high information content requires more storage volume and increased computing capacity.

Are you wondering which products of IMAGE Information Systems can display CBCT studies? 

Here's the answer: All our DICOM viewers - including iQ-VIEW/PRO*, iQ-3D (optional add-on of iQ-VIEW/PRO), iQ-4VIEW, iQ-FUSION**, PORT-RAY are capable of displaying CBCT studies.

*The intended use of iQ-VIEW/PRO and iQ-LITE gives a contraindication for dental imaging. It is limited and not recommended for regular use.
**Not for diagnostic purposes within the European Union