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Medical Imaging with iQ
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There is a growing demand for quantitative image analysis or post processing tools in medical imaging. While all standard measurements and analysis functions are available in iQ-SYSTEM PACS, there are hundreds of specific measurement needs which can't be supplied using these standard applications.

Users need simple and quick access to clinical image data and functions using specialized measurement tools. This access is often not available.

In response to this need, we have developed the iQ-LAUNCHER module as a free tool for iQ-VIEW 2.7 and above to exchange DICOM and non-DICOM data bidirectionally between iQ-VIEW and various measurement tools.

This enables iQ-VIEW to automatically open image analysis tools for orthopedic templating, cochlear implant planning, lung cancer analysis, and more, as well as image processing tools such as Windows Paint, Adobe® Photoshop® and many others.


  • Multiple image analysis plugins in a single iQ-VIEW station
  • Export the currently active image (image in the viewer), all images of the series to which the currently active image belongs, or all images of the same study as the active one
  • Compatible image formats for exporting from iQ-VIEW include any DICOM and non-DICOM data such as JPEG
  • Import virtually any DICOM data into iQ-VIEW
  • Compatible with iQ-VIEW ≥ Version 2.7
  • Language: English

iQ-LAUNCHER is a small, yet extremely effective, tool for iQ-VIEW users who regularly deploy special image post-processing software*. 

Download iQ-LAUNCHER now for free!

*iQ-LAUNCHER can open any software application that supports being started via the Windows command line.

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Download iQ-LAUNCHER for free!