European Health Center (ECZ) Otwock, Poland

The European Health Center (ECZ) Otwock is one of the most modern hospitals in the Warsaw area. With a capacity of 120 beds, it provides healthcare services to about 7,000 national and foreign patients per year. The private hospital specializes in cancer treatment throughout the departments of oncology, urology, cardiology, cardio oncology, gynecology, surgery and oncological pain treatment.

To offer patients the latest in diagnostic imaging, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging devices, such as: 

  • 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • 128-slice Computed Tomography (MSCT)
  • Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis
  • Digital X-ray with Digital Diagnostic Auto Image Stitching
  • Modern ultrasound machine
  • Diagnostic cardiology equipment

A new PACS, please!

Of course, the more modern the devices, the more data is produced. The ever-increasing amount of data started to become too large for their old PACS, so ECZ decided to invest in a new one that was able to manage all the data properly. 

ECZ got in contact with IMAGE’s local sales partner TIMKO, who is providing radiology software services to the hospital. Besides their request for a new PACS, they also wanted to improve their workflow by adding:

  • Web-based radiology viewer
  • Image access from portable devices
  • 3D radiology workstation
  • Automatic CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burning device
  • Improved upload of DICOM data (brought by patients from previous treatments)

IMAGE’s iQ product portfolio can meet all these requirements and fulfil the hospital’s high expectations. That’s why TIMKO suggested the following products for this project: 

iQ-WEB unlimited – PACS for an unlimited number of AE titles (in this case, 46 AE titles needed to be connected to the PACS)
iQ-WEB2GO – for image viewing on Android and iOS portable devices
iQ-4VIEW 5 – diagnostic zero-footprint viewer for 5 concurrent users (five out of the hospital’s 12 radiologists can use iQ-4VIEW simultaneously)
iQ-VIEW PRO 3D – Radiology reading station including 3D post-processing
iQ-ROBOT PRO – for fully automated patient media creation (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray)
DICOMReader PRO – for easy import of external patient media

After careful evaluation and comparing this offer to other solutions from renowned manufacturers, the European Health Center finally opted for iQ. TIMKO’s Sales Director, Mariusz Rogalinski, can now report on another satisfied customer who is pleased to have found a robust and reliable PACS solution – strong enough to handle the huge data amounts created by their imaging devices. Radiologists enjoy working from home thanks to web-based viewer iQ-4VIEW, and the receptionists finally have a stable DICOM upload solution for external patient media. According to Mr. Rogalinski, iQ-VIEW PRO 3D was the viewing station best-liked by the Head of Radiology Department.   

In the future, there is the possibility to integrate the new PACS into the local HIS and optimize the workflow even more by adding a web-based 3D viewer.