How SimonMed Imaging uses iQ-MIGRATION

SimonMed Imaging is one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers in the United States. A team of over 200 radiologists operates across 11 states with around 160 accredited facilities offering affordable diagnostic imaging services to the community.

Seeking to expand their radiology practice network, SimonMed Imaging continuously acquires new practice locations. As a result, a large amount of DICOM data needs to be migrated from legacy PACS systems to their own. This can be a difficult and expensive integration job and not all vendors of the source systems are willing to help in the process.

Wondering how a possible data migration solution could look like, SimonMed Imaging approached IMAGE Information Systems.

Easy PACS data migrations with iQ-MIGRATION

iQ-MIGRATION is IMAGE's answer to this challenge. This solution can migrate DICOM data from virtually any PACS, regardless of vendor, content or size. It handles DICOM data migrations fully automatically and runs conveniently on a workstation or server in the background.

One of the big advantages of iQ-MIGRATION is that data migrations can be specified and scheduled according to the needs of the medical facility, including the possibility to start, pause or restart the process as desired. A common scenario is, for example, to transfer the most current data first (e.g. from the last 6 months) in order to be able to work for the time being. Afterwards, older data can be migrated step by step, as the whole migration process can take several months.

SimonMed Imaging chose a permanent license of the iQ-MIGRATION software in order to be well-prepared for all PACS data migrations to come.  

Michael Nguyen, Director of Imaging at SimonMed, is pleased with their new data migration solution and recommends the software as follows:

"The iQ-MIGRATION tool is an excellent choice for any organization looking to add in-house expertise for DICOM migrations. iQ-MIGRATION removes the complexity and the high cost of DICOM migrations and is ready to use right out of the box. The software setup was quick, effortless and the user-friendly interface allows you to see the real-time status of migrations as well as detailed logging for any issues during the migration process. SimonMed Imaging uses iQ-MIGRATION to easily migrate terabytes of DICOM image data from our acquisitions. The cost savings from using iQ-MIGRATION allows us to invest in other areas of our business to improve patient care. We look forward to using iQ-MIGRATION for years to come as we expand our footprint across the United States."