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Surgical Practice, Dr. Ray Wackerow, Malchin, Germany

Dr. Ray Wackerow specializes in General Surgery and owns a practice, which is located directly at the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Hospital in Malchin – a lovely city in Germany’s northeastern lake area. For his work, he can make use of the hospital’s Radiography/Fluoroscopy unit as well as the operating rooms.

When Dr. Wackerow first started his own practice (at a different location by that time),  he was faced with the task of finding a PACS which met the manageable functional requirements of a single surgical practice and at the same time also took the more modest budget into account. He opted for iQ-SYSTEM PACS.

New practice, new PACS requirements

One year later, Dr. Wackerow decided to move with his practice into the local hospital to share the x-ray facilities onsite. Consequently, the PACS workflow needed to be adapted to this new situation.

Dr. Wackerow was now looking for a PACS that would not only smoothly integrate with his practice management system T2MED, but also allow for a shared use with the hospital, which uses another information system and PACS in a separate computer network. Of course, for reasons of data protection, having separated networks for both the hospital and the surgical practice was indispensable.   

The Solution:

To achieve the goal of creating a system that integrates with both Dr. Wackerow’s and the hospital’s information systems while respecting all data protection laws, IMAGE Information Systems provided a solution consisting of iQ-SYSTEM PACS and iQ-ROUTER.

The new PACS system has proved to run stable and reliable without any downtime, while iQ-ROUTER takes care of separating the hospital’s and the practice’s networks and automatically divides overlapping patient IDs in order to avoid any overlapping numbers.

Due to this solution, Dr. Wackerow was able to share the radiology devices with the hospital and still be compliant with data protection regulations due to separated networks and data. This allowed him to benefit from significant cost savings as there was no need to invest in his own x-ray equipment.   

According to Dr. Wackerow, the IMAGE team was once again able to demonstrate their competence when it came to establishing a connection between the practice network and the hospital’s radiology network, which on one hand enables order forwarding and image provision, and on the other hand meets the requirements of medical confidentiality.  

Dr. Wackerow is very pleased with his PACS solution and has hardly noticed any problems in daily use. Small issues are easily fixed and the few times he had to use our support services, he was provided with a swift solution.