Teesside University, School of Health and Life Sciences, UK

Teesside University is a public university with its main campus in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire in North East England. It has a proud history of learning and teaching stretching back over 85 years and it is home to more than 18,000 students. The University was awarded a Queen's Anniversary Prize (2014–18) for outstanding work in the field of enterprise and business engagement.

PACS migration and remote image access, please!
In December 2017, the School of Health and Life Sciences – one of the university’s five academic schools – approached IMAGE Information Systems with a PACS migration request. At that time, Teesside University’s PACS archive included 889,000 DICOM images, which needed to be migrated to IMAGE’s iQ-WEB. Furthermore, they wanted a web server to be installed in order to allow image access for students off campus. So far, the University were only able to provide local classroom access to their PACS archive.

By implementing iQ-WEB, Teesside University could achieve their project goal of providing online and remote access to the Teesside University PACS archive. Students and staff are now able to view images and submit reports remotely. No more need to use dedicated classroom workstations to view images and write reports. The installation of iQ-WEB now allows students to view images from any workstation in the world. Of course, this allows flexibility of education practices and significantly improved mobility for the students.

According to Mr. Philip Cosson, Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography, this software purchased offers the perfect solution and continues to be essential to the diagnostic radiography course at Teesside University. He sums it up as follows:

“IMAGE Information Systems are a good company to work with. They understood the brief and specified a cost-effective solution. They were very responsive to the unusual needs of an educational institution. The system has no problems on virtual servers here at Teesside. The user guides provided were easy to adapt for student use.
The key benefit has been the web server. This provides students with access to our archive from home, which is invaluable.”


The case of Teesside University shows the major benefit that educational establishments get from a web-based PACS server. Especially now, during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, the university is very glad that they have this distance learning resource at their disposal.

Project configuration:

  • iQ-WEBX unlimited
  • iQ-4VIEW unlimited
  • iQ-WEB2GO
  • iQ-VIEW PRO 3D for 30 concurrent connections