The Medical Association, Hamburg, Germany

The Medical Association of Hamburg uses iQ-VIEW/PRO and DICOMReader to conduct medical specialist examinations and perform quality management tasks.

The Medical Association of Hamburg is a public corporation responsible for self-administration and regulation of medical profession in the city-state of Hamburg. All of the city's physicians are affiliated members of this association.

One of the association’s tasks is to conduct medical specialist examinations for radiologists. The examiners send exam cases to the association via email or DICOM media. Those cases are being saved by the association and allocated a numeric code for the exams in iQ-VIEW. Several weeks before the examination, candidates receive an email with detailed instructions on how to download the viewer for free so that they can try it and learn how to use it. During the examination, a case is digitally loaded using a high resolution display and a case discussion takes place.

Beside its examining role, the medical association also performs quality management tasks such as the radiation protection of clinical radiology departments. There are about 500 x-ray tubes which have to be controlled regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate x-ray pictures from several sources. Mr. Matthias Beyer, head of the association´s IT department, is convinced that “iQ-VIEW as well as the DICOMReader are excellent instruments to use in this controlling process.” He further points out that they received any kind of advisory service necessary for implementing and using iQ-VIEW.

The Medical Association of Hamburg confirm that the new image system is an advantage for everyday work in quality management - they do not want to miss it anymore.