iQ-ROBOT 4.1 now also available in the USA

The last product release for this year is especially good news for our U.S. customers. Our automatic burning and labeling software for optical patient media is finally available in the United States. 

We are therefore happy that iQ-ROBOT is now accessible for everyone and want to present you the highlights of the new version.

What’s new in iQ-ROBOT 4.1?

  • Performance enhancements
    Radiological studies get always bigger. Large multi-frame objects might have created transfer issues due to increased memory consumption. iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM is now a true 64-bit application, which improves the transfer and (de)compression of large datasets.
  • Support of Epson PP-100III
    iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM now also supports Epson’s Discproducer PP-100III.
  • Better load balancing of multiple robot devices in a network
    This optimization ensures that, using the “All available” option, multiple robots receive a better balanced workload.
  • Automatic cleaning of project data after a shorter period of time
    In some cases it might be useful to clear project data from the project list already after a few hours. With the extended clean-up function, this data can now be removed automatically even after a work shift. This helps to keep the list short and gives users a better overview of current projects.
  • Easier adding of languages to the graphical user interface
    Users of iQ-ROBOT are now able to easily prepare own translations into a new language of the graphical user interface. A how-to guide can be requested via email at
  • From medical device to non-medical device
    In the scope of the changed medical device legislation in the European Union, we have re-assessed iQ-ROBOT’s status and concluded that it no longer classifies as a medical device. CE registration has been removed starting this new version; medical device requirements do not apply.

Find out more about iQ-ROBOT 4.1 in the corresponding product brochure or download your free trial version in the Download Center on our website. Of course, anyone holding a valid Annual Service Package for their iQ-ROBOT license is entitled to upgrade to version 4.1 free of charge.