The web application iQ-WEB UPLOADER allows healthcare professionals and patients to transfer medical images or relevant photos and documents to iQ-WEB or any other DICOM compliant PACS using any internet-enabled device. This way, medical data can be accessed in an easier and faster way which makes this tool ideal for remote consultation or to share images with other physicians.

Use Cases

Patient data entry portal

Patients can easily upload medical images and documents with just a few clicks (e.g. prior to their admission or consultation of a remote imaging specialist).

Physician data entry portal

Physicians can share, distribute and exchange patient information, such as history or results, prior to their patient’s admission or consultation of a remote imaging specialist.

Portal for teleradiology and medical teleconsulting centers

Studies can be uploaded to the PACS for remote reading purposes.


Easy upload

The data is uploaded through an easy-to-use web page, which makes the data available to the receiving institution’s PACS in a fast and consistent way. No client installation or registration is required.

Automatic data conversion

Any non-DICOM data (like photos or documents) is automatically converted to DICOM.

Any Device

Images and documents can be transferred using any device with access to the internet that otherwise would not be able to communicate via DICOM protocol.


Automatic email notifications to inform both the uploading person and the recipient about newly uploaded images (when using WADO interface)

Simultaneous upload of multiple studies of one patient

Secure WADO link sharing in diagnostic quality via built-in email client**


Optional authorization code as additional option to filter or search for all data from an uploading person or institution

Available in English, German and Spanish, other languages by request

Customizable targets
e.g. physicians, institutions, locations, multidisciplinary team meetings, etc.

* Detailed information on iQ-WEB UPLOADER’s system requirements is available in the iQ-WEB UPLOADER Administration Guide.
** Only in combination with iQ-WEB incl. WADO interface as PACS and iQ-4VIEW

How it works



First enter the web user credentials. Secondly, select the target specialist or specialty, add the authorization code (if available) and enter your medical request.



Upload any images (DICOM and non-DICOM) or PDF / scanned documents by selecting files or using drag and drop.



Then enter the patient demographics and verify the data before upload.

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