iQ-4VIEW is a web-based DICOM viewer that adds on to the iQ-WEB PACS allowing for flexible image diagnosis and reporting from any location and device. It is both platform and browser independent and provides you with all that is needed for diagnostic medical image reading at high speed.


You can run iQ-4VIEW on virtually any browser and operating system using both portable devices and desktop computers. No installation needed at all. 

High-speed Viewing

iQ-4VIEW allows for immediate viewing of almost any kind of medical or radiology images, structured reports or PDF in diagnostic quality – all within a couple of seconds.


Web-based Reporting

With iQ-4VIEW’s integrated report editor physicians can create DICOM Structured Reports online from anywhere in the world.

Clinical measurements

iQ-4VIEW offers easy-to-use measurement tools for organ-specific assessment including for the heart, thyroid, spine, pelvis, knee, bladder, kidney etc.

Web-based cardiac analysis

Verify, quantify and diagnose cardiac insufficiency anywhere, anytime - iQ-4VIEW offers heart-related measurements, such as cardiac ejection fraction or ventricular and atrial volumes by default, without the need to invest in additional cardiology modules.


iQ-4VIEW - Viewer
iQ-4VIEW allows medical images to be viewed in diagnostic quality according to FDA and EU guidelines.
iQ-4VIEW - Report Editor
Web-based structured reporting from anywhere.
iQ-4VIEW - Secondary Capture
Web-based documentation of annotations as DICOM Secondary Capture.
iQ-4VIEW - Cervical Curve
Comprehensive chiropractic, orthopedic and trauma measurement tools including cervical curves, Cobb angle, George´s line, Gonstead analysis and more.
iQ-VIEW mitral regurgitation measurement
The mitral regurgitation measurement is helpful for the early detection and assessment of mitral regurgitation.
iQ-4VIEW ejection fraction
The left ventricular volume measurement allows you to measure or remeasure the left ventricular ejection fraction (left ventricular systolic function) based on the Simpson biplane method.
iQ-4VIEW - Spine Labeling and Cutting Line
Semiautomatic spine labeling speeds up your reading.
iQ-4VIEW - Spine Sagittal
Automatic screen tiling for fast operation.
iQ-4VIEW - Study download
Study download from within the viewer. The resulting ZIP file contains all DICOM objects of the downloaded study (only requires download permission for the physician’s user account).

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