iQ-SYSTEM PACS for Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy centers have special requirements when it comes to the management of their medical imaging. Not only are they faced with a high volume of CT and MRI studies from multiple sources that patients bring along for indication and therapy planning. They also have to comply with long data retention periods. iQ-SYSTEM PACS offers a solution for both challenges.


Compatible data

Don't worry about incompatible data formats anymore. iQ-SYSTEM PACS automatically normalizes the external study data and ensures that radiotherapy software can work with it without any human intervention. This saves time and resources.

Compliant archiving

Data retention periods are usually very long in radiotherapy. iQ-SYSTEM PACS offers hierarchical archive support for both short-term retention and long-term archiving in conformity with the law.

Optimized workflow

iQ-SYSTEM PACS allows for a GDPR and HIPAA compliant data exchange leading to a better collaboration between radiotherapists, referring and treating physicians.

Key Features

Easy import of virtually any DICOM patient data (CD/DVD/USB/Blu-Ray) into any radiotherapy planning software

Immediate access of external studies in the preferred viewer or workstation

Digital data sharing through secure WADO* links (sent by email, WhatsApp or printed as QR codes)

Web Access to DICOM Objects 


iQ Solutions for Radiotherapy

DICOMReaderRead any DICOM CD into your PACS
iQ-WEBThe carefree, all-inclusive PACS for storage, teleradiology and image distribution
iQ-WEB WADOImage access from any information system
iQ-VIEW PROThe radiology reading station
iQ-4VIEWDiagnostic zero-footprint 2D viewer
iQ-FUSIONZero-footprint viewer* for web-based PET/CT image fusion
iQ-WEB UPLOADERWeb portal for secure data sharing
*Not for diagnostic purposes within the European Union