iQ-SYSTEM PACS for Radiology Teaching

It’s not only hospitals, imaging centers and radiology practices that benefit from working with iQ software solutions. Educational institutions that train the next generations of radiology specialists have also discovered the advantages of medical imaging software in the classroom setting. 

A teaching PACS that is used to train medical students and junior doctors in medical image interpretation and clinical reporting needs to fulfil specific requirements. While iQ-SYSTEM PACS is optimized primarily for patient care, it is also perfectly suited for educational purposes. 


Remote access

In times of online lectures and distance learning, being able to offer remote access is a must. With iQ-SYSTEM PACS, students can conveniently access medical imaging teaching cases at any time and from anywhere.

Image annotation

iQ-SYSTEM PACS enables teachers and students to annotate/tag images or studies with key words for later filtering, reviewing or case-based demonstrations.

Quizzes and exams

To test the students’ knowledge and assess their learning progress, quiz or exam tools are a great option to integrate into iQ-SYSTEM PACS.

Key Features

  • Full diagnostic teaching PACS for real-life simulation

  • Intuitive and realistic learning for medical students, radiographers and junior doctors

  • Easy integration with clinical PACS either via DICOM or web-based for local or remote access without any client installation

  • Learning status assessment through quiz tools, polls or other evaluation apps that can be incorporated (e.g. SurveyMonkey®)
  • Storage of any DICOM and non-DICOM imaging studies

  • Grouping of studies by Institution, Patient ID, Accession number or Study ID

  • Active Directory integration via LDAP for easy user management

  • Advanced search & filter options e.g. by patient, by study, by series or by user
Group teaching options, e.g. for teaching image review

Group teaching options, e.g. for teaching image review

Annotation of images & studies with key words or notes

Annotation of images & studies with key words or notes

Increased data security through anonymization & pseudonymization

Increased data security through anonymization & pseudonymization

Typical Setup

Education & Research Workflow

iQ Solutions for Radiology Education

iQ-VIEW PRO / 3DThe radiology reading station
iQ-4VIEWDiagnostic zero-footprint 2D viewer
iQ-WEB / WADOThe carefree, all-inclusive PACS for storage, teleradiology and image distribution and access from any information system and any portable device
iQ-ROUTER PRODICOM gateway communication and data homogenization