iQ-RIS is a flexible radiology information system (RIS), which can easily be customized to meet the requirements of any hospital or imaging center. It offers superb tools for optimizing the radiological workflow and can be integrated with almost any PACS.


iQ-RIS can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of any radiology practice due to its modular structure.


The comprehensive calendar and scheduling modules allow for easy administration and planning of all kinds of appointments and procedures.



Manage patient histories, any external document or patient-related data easily and properly with the included electronic medical record system (EMR).

Our web-based radiology workflow manager iQ-WEB RIS is coming soon.
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iQ-RIS: Calendar
iQ-RIS contains a comprehensive and user-friendly calendar optimized for the management of patient appointments. It offers a general overview as well as various views by time frame, devices or modalities - including combinations of them - or appointment printing.
The electronic medical record (EMR) contains all patient information such as previous visits, insurance information and scanned documents. An overview of the patient history is presented in a tree view. The complete EMR data can be found in a table, which can also be filtered by date and time. All relevant observations regarding the examination or special care for the patient can be recorded as text notes by the front desk staff if required, and can be reviewed by the staff in the following stages.
iQ-RIS: Study Preparation Notice
Any additional information for the patient, for example to arrive on an empty stomach, can be entered in the Study Preparation Notice. This reduces the amount of paperwork during scheduling, keeps the reception area free of clutter and adds to improved patient service.
iQ-RIS study scheduler
The iQ-RIS study scheduler electronically provides details of patient information and scheduled procedures to the DICOM modalities as a DICOM modality worklist, avoiding the need to spend time retyping such information and minimizing the inherent risk of error.
operator workflow list
The operator workflow list displays patient information and the scheduled procedures at a glance (e.g. waiting time, indication, referring physician, medical alerts and history). iQ-RIS offers customizable workflow lists. Sorting lists by column, creating a new list or defining the window that should be displayed upon double-clicking on an entry - all of these features lead to increased flexibility.
The ICD-10 list offers quick a choice of disease per case or study. Simply choose one of the predefined codes containing a brief explanation from the drop down list. This newly added feature adds not only convenience but also ensures consistency.


DICOM Modality Worklist

With the included DICOM Modality Worklist provider, the radiology workflow is accelerated, while simultaneously reducing typing errors and ensuring consistent patient data.

Workflow Module

provides a reliable overview of all scheduled procedures. Key data of every scheduled study is easily accessible at a glance.


ICD-10 List

Choose one of the predefined disease codes from the dropdown list to quickly add to a study or case. Not only convenient, but also ensuring consistency.



Integration with existing information systems like HIS and PACS for a shared access to information


Automatic speech recognition and transcription of reports


Billing of medical procedures to insurance companies or to health service providers


DICOM structured reports/electronic dictation and transcription of reports


Interface for a selected DICOM Viewer

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