iQ-VIEW 3.1.101 Patch

Coming soon: iQ-VIEW 3.1.101 Patch requiring license activation

A new patch version of our iQ-VIEW DICOM viewer is on the horizon. It will be released in the next couple of weeks and be available in early October.

This patch switches to our new licensing system that we have already successfully deployed in products like iQ-ROUTER, DICOMReader and iQ-ROBOT.

Randomly lost licenses and other known licensing-related bugs will become issues of the past. The new license library is robust and you will be able to manage concurrent iQ-VIEW licenses centrally on the same iQ-LICENSE server as the other products.

Such a major technical change will affect all currently used iQ-VIEW licenses at the moment of updating/upgrading. If your customers would like to install this patch version and benefit from the advantages of the new licensing system and other enhancements, it is imminent to proceed in the following order:

  1. Check if a valid Annual Service Package is in place or renewal is needed.
  2. In case of concurrent licenses, please contact our support team before updating.
  3. Reset the currently installed iQ-VIEW license first and get the uninstall file.
  4. Afterwards update/upgrade iQ-VIEW to version 3.1.101.
  5. Send the license information of the new version and the uninstall file of the previous version to the local reseller to be forwarded to license[]image-systems[dot]biz.

Keep in mind:

  • The license RESET according to (3.) will put iQ-VIEW into a trial mode, which allows your customer to continue operation for 15 days with all PRO features and 15 days with all BASIC features during the license transition.
  • The license reset must be done under administrator privileges to ensure that the uninstall file is correctly written.
  • Without a reset and proper uninstall file of the old version, we will not be able to issue a new license. It will not be possible to deactivate the previous license after the update/upgrade.
  • Therefore: First reset the old license, retrieve the uninstall file and then update/upgrade. Otherwise, we won‘t be able to match the new license with the old one.
  • The patch can be installed on top of an existing iQ-VIEW installation. All previously made configuration settings are maintained.

Further information regarding the update process can be found in our iQ-VIEW Update Guide.

What other changes can you expect to find in iQ-VIEW 3.1.101?

The DICOM E-mail function now also supports 64 bit versions of Outlook, including Outlook 365, as external e-mail clients.

Parameterized calls directly to the iQ-VIEW.exe, e.g. via accession number from a RIS, are now as fast as requests performed via CallHelper.exe. From iQ-VIEW 3.1.101 onwards, your customers may choose between either option as both the direct call to iQ-VIEW and the CallHelper request provide identically performing alternatives.

Further smaller fixes have been applied e.g. remembering the e-mail password settings, PDF import issues and more.