discontinuation of iQ-WEB 6.4.5 and iQ-WORKLIST 1.x

To be discontinued: iQ-WEB 6.4.5 and iQ-WORKLIST 1.x

Please note that from October 15, 2020, IMAGE will no longer provide support, activations, migrations or replacements for the following software due to product discontinuation:

  • iQ-WEB 6.4.5
  • iQ-WORKLIST 1.x

We have decided to take this step due to the outdated and end-of-life PHP and MySQL versions contained in iQ-WEB 6.4.5. which could lead to potential cyber security risks. Besides this, there is no released version of our zero-footprint web viewer iQ-4VIEW available for iQ-WEB 6.4.5. Also, none of the iQ-WORKLIST 1.x versions comply with current data protection and data security regulations anymore.

In case you are still using one of those products, we strongly recommend taking action now and updating to the latest version. To protect your medical networks from hacker attacks and malicious software, it is essential to only use the latest software versions and operating systems.

Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us in case of any questions.