Copyright: Veterinary practice Dr. Besserer

Copyright: Veterinary practice Dr. Besserer

Copyright: Veterinary practice Dr. Besserer

Copyright: Veterinary practice Dr. Besserer

Veterinary practice Besserer, Neuss, Germany

Located on the city border Meerbusch - Neuss - Düsseldorf, small animal owners can find the veterinary practice / small animal center of Dr. Katerine Besserer since 2016. The focus of the treatments are regular control examinations as well as complex diseases of the animal patients. The practice sees itself as a contact for veterinary second opinion examinations. Veterinarians from all over Germany refer to the small animal center to take advantage of Dr. Besserer's expert knowledge, especially in the fields of surgery, oncology and orthopedics for difficult cases.

Equipped like a modern veterinarian clinic, the practice has its own Cone Beam CT scanner (CBCT), 5 treatment and 4 operating rooms with the necessary diagnostic infrastructure. In addition, a C-arm X-ray machine ensures surgical quality during operations.

Due to the different modalities- ultrasound, X-ray, CBCT - viewing and reading were originally performed at different workstations. The storage and archiving of the image data were decentralized. There was no thought of a uniform way of working.

Looking for a central veterinarian reading station for CBCT

With the goal of one reading station including a centralized storage solution, Dr. Besserer's team contacted IMAGE's local sales partner Andreas Hölling of DiaVision in summer 2022.

"Processing Cone Beam CT data is technically not easy because the image data sets are often more than 1 GB in size. Memory volumes of up to 32 GBytes are often required for processing. Only modern software developed in 64-bit can manage this." explained Dr. Arpad Bischof, a radiologist, and Director of IMAGE Information Systems.

By default, IMAGE Information Systems offers a trial period for the software to be used in the future. After a successful test period, the implementations of:

iQ-3D is an add-on for the medical reading software iQ-VIEW. It equips the desired reading workstation of the small animal center Besserer with all common features needed for the 3D image processing of the CBCT studies. With the help of the three-dimensional representation, pathologies can be displayed that otherwise usually escape the human eye. iQ-ROUTER is used to correctly prepare the owner names for the PACS.

The owner and senior veterinarian, Dr. Besserer, expressed her thanks for the "first-class support from sales and service" with regard to the implementation of the project. "The solution works impeccably and provides me and my patients important added medical value," stated Dr. Besserer with satisfaction.